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Collection Law

When a creditor has a consult with our firm, we determine the origin of the debt. (Ascertain corporate debtors status, individual debtors valid address) The first step, we send a demand letter to the debtor demanding that they pay the outstanding debt or will be forced to litigate. Sometimes, a well-constructed demand letter from an attorney is the only action necessary. Often, the debtor will contact us and settle the claim. If they do not, or there is a dispute about the amount, we may pursue litigation. Sometimes, we employ mediation or arbitration methods in order to resolve the dispute.

Many consumers do not dispute what they owe. Instead, the argument is over the amount they owe and how quickly they are required to pay off the debt. Businesses, however, often dispute the debt itself.We generally handle collection cases on a 25% contingency plus costs basis, we can, however in certain circumstances, charge an hourly fee. To discuss your collection case in further detail, please contact us.

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